All about "Get Rid Of Hives"

"Get Rid of Hives™" is a digital publication created by Paulette Joynt who suffered with hives - chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU) - for nearly 20 years. She has now overcome it. 

How she did it is not only a fascinating story of her personal triumph, but also a tribute to natural remedies. 

After permanently eradicating her chronic hives, she decided to help other sufferers of that debilitating condition by describing the treatment about reversing the cause of CIU. Not curing it, but reversing the cause.

There is NO CURE for CIU, but there are treatments, and the one that Paulette discovered has given her a life free of hives.

Before we get on to how she did it, let's look at ...

Paulette's Story

As a long-time sufferer of CIU since the age of 17, her urticaria became much worse after the birth of her daughter in 2007. She had wheals almost daily with more developing before the others had dispersed. She couldn't hide the embarrassing swellings as they always seemed to appear on her face and head. 

Paulette tried just about every known treatment, even thinking that it was an allergic reaction and having tests for it. How wrong that was! 

Her allergy tests showed that she was allergic to a large number of allergens. But she knew that she wasn't. What became Paulette's lucky break happened when one day she walked into a tiny health store in her neighbourhood ... and left with the answer to her lifelong problem.

What's The Real Cause Of Chronic Urticaria?

The assistant at that little health store had the answer. Chronic urticaria (hives) is not an allergy, but a symptom of an autoimmune disorder that results in hypersensitivity to multiple stimuli similar to a simple allergic reaction.

Your hives symptoms could have the appearance just like that of an allergy. Remember this ... 

... urticaria is a symptom

And that symptom is your body telling you there's something else wrong. There's an underlying factor to your condition.

Address the underlying reasons for your hives, don't treat the symptoms.

So, the autoimmune disorder is treatable! That is what Paulette did to overcome her CIU condition, and now she has presented it all in the "Get Rid Of Hives" package.

Get Rid Of Hives package

What's in the package?

The package contains ...

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Detailed step-by-step hives treatment protocol in an ebook

green arrow RVideo instructions of the protocol (linked inside the PDF ebook)

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Quick start version of the hives treatment protocol

What you'll discover in "Get Rid of Hives"

cleanWhat chronic hives really is; understand this and you'll understand how it's possible to beat hives

cleanAn easy-to-follow, detailed hives treatment protocol that results in the reversal of the underlying cause of CIU

cleanVideo instructions on how to follow the protocol

cleanA simple method that ensures you never suffer with chronic hives again

cleanWhy this simple & cheap protocol is so effective against CIU

cleanAnd much more

Listed in the Table of Contents is everything that's covered in "Get Rid of Hives".

Well written, clear, and concise, this book details the precise methods used by the author to treat her condition successfully and permanently.

The procedure works by addressing the underlying cause of the condition of hives instead of concentrating on just the symptoms. Importantly, the methods contained in the publication detail precisely what actually work.

Many sufferers of CIU have reported total relief in a very short time, some as little as two weeks, following commencement of the program. 

Paulette's approach takes a very different slant on hives treatments, for it is the immune system that's the main problem, and not what most people think - an allergic reaction. 

Overcome the immune system weaknesses and you'll overcome urticaria problems, she says. And users of the program back that up.

Is "Get Rid Of Hives" For You?

This is best answered by examining the following questions.

  • Have you been a long-time sufferer of hives and have yet to find a remedy?
  • Have you been prescribed drugs that haven't worked? Anti-histamines? Anti-inflammatories? Steroids?
  • Have you been tested for allergies only to find that the related treatment failed?
  • Have you been told by your doctor that you won't get rid of your hives?
  • Have you tried everything else to find a cure for chronic hives and have almost given up?


If you're able to answer "Yes" to any of those questions, and you're ready to try a natural treatment for hives, then yes ... your next decision could be your greatest reward to yourself.

"Get Rid of Hives" offers a radically different solution to hives treatment than other conventional, and less successful, approaches.


Follow these tests

cleanBe informed. Don't buy this book until you understand more about Chronic Idiopathic Uticaria. 

             These articles  will help you in making a decision for a natural remedy for CIU.

cleanThe final test is when people describe their personal experiences - this is the "court of public opinion". It determines the success of any method. Find out more by reading the Testimonials from  
             many people who have successfully used the procedures in "Get Rid of Hives" and have
             recovered from their hives condition. 

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What's the cost?

"Get Rid of Hives" is a digital download. There's a PDF book with all the detailed treatment instructions, plus there are video instructions.


The price is $47, but there's a $10 discount for the next 100 copies. 

At $37 this is a small price to pay for a natural treatment of hives that works … and gives permanent relief. 

And best of all, it is guaranteed to work.

If it doesn't work for you in 60 days, your money will be fully refunded. No questions asked!

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